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Twitch Tv is a free online streaming platform for Android And iOS users.

What do you suppose the

best livestream platform is?

In general, not just games.

Could it be YouTube, with
its millions and billions of

viewers, or could it be twitch
which was originally built

just for live streaming.

Like anything, the answer is it depends,

but I think I have some
guidance and some opinions that

may help.

Hello, I'm Dan and welcome back to vidIQ.

We are the YouTube tool,
academy, and channel

that helps educate you
on your YouTube journey.

And today I would like to ask
you this: Have you ever live

streamed on any of the platforms?

YouTube, Twitch, mixer whatever it may be,

let us know in the comments
and as always don't forget

to subscribe.

As you can imagine there are
a lot of opinions out there

about the best site to stream on.

YouTube, Twitch, Mixer any
other number of sites that are

popping up these days.

As they are the two biggest
players in this game, I'm gonna

focus pretty much exclusively
on YouTube and Twitch today,

but basically anything I say
about Twitch you can apply to

the other live streaming
sites in some way or fashion

because a lot of them are really
similar in there strategies

for growth.

YouTube is a whole different
animal because they added

streaming a lot later on
after they kind of established

themselves as the authority in video.

And in recent months they've
invested quite a bit in

becoming even bigger players
in the streaming game.

So today, now that it's 2020
and these investments have been

made, I would like to talk
about YouTube vs. Twitch

or sites like Twitch.

Which one makes the most
sense for you to broadcast on?

Before we dive into anything,
I want to first break down how

Twitch works differently than YouTube.

I used to stream on the site quite a bit,

and I have some insights.

For starters, the biggest
thing I can tell you

is that Twitch works completely
different from YouTube

from a point of discoverability.

On Twitch more viewers equals more views.

That's because live streams are
organized in a list fashion.

Where the person with most
viewers is at the top and the

person with the least
viewers is at the bottom

as you scroll through the list.

Now recently Twitch did add
tags, which allow you to find

people in new exciting ways,
for example if you're someone

looking for family friendly
content, you can search for the

family friendly tag and then
all the streams who list

themselves as family
friendly will show up to you.

At the end of the day though
the most common growth strategy

for Twitch, that you'll here
the most from people is A.B.C.

which isn't complicated.

Always be casting.

Your channel is only really
showing up as long as you're

active on it

So, always be casting is
something that gets preached quite

a bit.

The nice thing about streaming
though is once it's over,

it's over.

You don't have to go doing
a bunch of keyword research,

you don't have to edit any videos,

you don't have to make a
thumbnail, you're stream just

lives on the site for I
think, a couple of weeks

until it's deleted and you
move on to streaming the

following day or week or
whatever your schedule dictates.

With this method of growth,
that means the longer you stream

(the more hours you put in)
the more rewards you can

potentially get.

The more you stream, the more
people that slowly show up

over time, and again the more
people you have the higher

you climb in that ranking.

And you can probably guess
that, yes this can have a very

negative impact on your health,
but same can be said for


It's never good to sit at your
computer for extended periods

of time without food,
water or bathroom breaks.

So, be safe but ultimately
that's a whole different video.

Here a vidIQ we stream on
YouTube pretty much exclusively

and a lot so lets talk about
how YouTube handles streams

differently now than Twitch would.

Finding where to watch streams
on YouTube is a little bit

different, they show
up in a lot of places.

They show up within different
categories on YouTube,

for example, if you click on
gaming, you could find them

in search by typing things
such as 'Minecraft Live',

and sometimes they'll just
show up in search even if you

didn't type live in the search bar.

There are a lot of ways to
get your stream discovered on

YouTube, but as for me when
I stream, I see a lot of the

same names I saw in my comment
section from videos I've


That means people who are
discovering my live stream are

ones who are probably
already subscribed to me,

which is pretty cool.

YouTube does also have a
ranking system where the more

people who are watching you
the more you do move up in


The best example I can show
you in these rankings is when

you go into YouTube and
check out various categories,

go to the live tab and then
you see all the different

channels with their different
streams and you can tell how

many people are watching at that moment.

What's really cool about these
categories is there pretty

well sorted, you can filter by
live streams, recent videos,

and depending on your
category, all sorts of stuff.

We all know that YouTube, of
course, is built like a search

engine and in my opinion it
could be a lot easier to get

discovered as a broadcaster
on YouTube because now you can

take advantage of thumbnails,
keywords, strong titles,

and things of that nature.

The most obvious way
to do this, of course,

is to make videos and do
live streams, which means you

get to tackle the algorithm
from two different angles.

So that's it then.

YouTube wins game over.

It's the best platform.

Thanks for watching,.. of course not.

It's never that easy is it?

I wish it were.

When trying to decide where
you should create your content

there's one thing you need to
keep in mind, and that is of

course your audience.

I'll give you an example, lets
say you're a mechanic and you

have a channel that teaches
people everyday how to fix

something in their car.

Someone who watches your
channel, will probably be looking

for very specific search terms,

like how to change an air filter.

So for this case, a mechanic
will probably want to make

videos on YouTube, where
search is more optimized.

But a mechanic could
also stream on YouTube

if they wanted to, I don't think
making that ' How to change

an air filter' video in real
time live is gonna really be

necessarily be super valuable,
but if you're in your garage

tinkering anyway, maybe you
could do some Q and A and just

answer general questions
about how to fix cars.

Regardless, you're staying
within your niche and as long

as you plan your streams
out and give them kind of a

different focus than your
videos, I think YouTube would be

a great place for you to be.

But lets say your working in
your garage after a long day

of recording and you're sweating,
and you're tired and you

just wanna unwind and
play some Animal Crossing.

Now yes, you can stream games
on YouTube and yes, there is

an audience on YouTube who
watch Animal Crossing streams,

but as a car mechanic channel,
is that really the best call?

Is there any cross over in your
viewers who like to fix cars

and viewers who like to
play animal crossing?

Maybe a little bit.

But even YouTube is gonna be
a little bit confused because

its ranked you as a car channel
and you're an authority in

your niche and now you're
playing animal crossing.

That doesn't make a lot of sense.

This is a case where I would
recommend utilizing another

platform, like Twitch, to do
things that are outside of your


If on your car mechanic channel
you've been doing things to

build your audience lets
say on Twitter and Instagram

and things like that you can
post a quick update and say

" Hey, tonight I'm gonna stream
Animal Crossing on Twitch.

Why don't you come join me?"

Some of your audience will
probably show up and the best

part about it that Twitch,
because discoverability just

doesn't work the same, won't
penalize you for playing

Animal Crossing one day and
doing a cooking stream the next.

So to reiterate, it really
depends on you and your audience

and the focus that you want
to bring to them and the value

you want to bring to them.

The last thing I want to discuss
today is If you're somebody

who just exclusively wants
to be a live streamer,

what should you do and
where should you do that?

At vidIQ during our Tuesday
channel audits, we've actually

seen a number of gaming
channels who practice YouTube

in this way.

They just do streams and it
seems like they don't really

have an interest in making video
on demand content, you know

your normal YouTube videos.

And honestly, we tell these
people a lot that they should

really take advantage
of the video on demand

side of their channel, and
we recommend this because

YouTube can work for you
while you're not streaming.

When you make video on
demand content that's highly

valuable and searchable to
your audience it's gonna get

people coming to your channel
potentially subscribing

and then the next time you
stream those numbers could go up.

At the very least, you could
be highlighting section of

your broadcast that were really
informative or just a lot of

fun and give them really
catchy searchable titles

and cool thumbnails.

Regardless on how you want to
tackle it on YouTube, the fact

of the matter is a lot
of people don't look for

six hour live streams to re watch

after they've been broadcast,
and to be quite honest with

you during our live streams
we've actually told people

that maybe Twitch or Mixer
or another platform will be a

better choice if they really
have no interest in growth

via video on demand content
and maybe you're watching this

in agreement and you think
that Twitch would actually

be a good platform, but you're
struggling to grow cause

you're just staring out, and
I'll say it again always be

casting, that is a way to grow on Twitch,

but a lot streamers will
tell you that they got there

start here on YouTube.

Because think about when you use YouTube.

What are the type of things
you regularly search for?

You're probably not looking
for a six hour live stream,

but you're looking for an
answer to a question, something

high value, something
entertaining and a lot of these

streamers now, the full
time broadcasters started on

YouTube by growing that
audience providing value to them

and deciding that Twitch was
just gonna be where they wanted

to go and a lot of them stared
before streaming on YouTube

was even possible.

As always, this is a choice
that we can't make for you

and there's pros and cons to
either side of this argument,

but I do hope that my thoughts
here and opinions on the

matter helped you in some way
understand how you could take

advantage of Twitch or
YouTube or Twitch and YouTube

using both platforms, using
Twitch as another form of

social media to grow your overall brand.

There's a lot of ways you can
tackle this and I just hope

that this was helpful.

Don't forget to subscribe, of course,

and let us know in the comments:

Have you tried streaming before
and if so, on what platform?

How did it go?Let us know and we will

see you in the next one.Have a great day.

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