Ludo King modded version (Latest)

Ludo King (Latest Version)

Enjoying yourself in the classic board game of Ludo King where you’ll have the chances to enjoy this amazing game with friends, online gamers, and even on your own. Pick your side and let your inner child immerse in the childhood games that you have always enjoyed. Find out more about this amazing game from Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd with our reviews.


The game features the traditional board game of Ludo King, where you could enjoy with three other gamers in an exciting match. Pick up your sides that’re marked with unique colors and let the game begins.

Toss the dice and hope to get the six so you might start mobilizing your chess piece. Each time you got a six, you can also continue to toss another turn. And when you reach your destination, you can start having all the chess pieces reached the finish line to win the game.

Experience the fun of the classic board games right on your mobile devices.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the sport has got to offer:

Completely fair and just gameplay

To start with, Ludo King introduces gamers to the fair and protected gameplay that prevent any hacks or cheats during the matches. That being said, it’ll be almost impossible for hackers to exploit the game. Not to mention that the frequent upgrades will make the game extremely secured.

In addition, the auto move system will keep the sport going and stop hacks when gamers want to shop for time. And most importantly, gamers who’re spotted to be cheating will have their accounts being banned in certain amounts of time, depending on the severity. Hence, you’re guaranteed to have completely fair and enjoyable matches with Ludo King.

Convenient in-game options

And to make the game more enjoyable, Ludo King features some of the most amazing features that any gamers would want. Having said that, you can easily resume or stop your in-game processes if you find yourself in the middle of something.

As for the offline gameplay, you can easily save and load your processes in the game. Resume your adventures whenever you want.

Enjoy the games with friends from all over the world

That being said, with Ludo King, Android gamers can easily connect with other gamers from all over the world. The game features both the web and native multiplayer, which the users can just simply choose one that matches their interest.

Join exciting matches which feature from 2 to six different gamers. Here, you can make new friends with players from all over the world or challenge your friends. You’re also recommended to have your social accounts connected to the game so you can see your friends online as well as having your progress saved online.

And lastly, with the improved online connectivity within the latest upgrades, the sport has become extremely fun and enjoyable to play. Not just because of its addictive gameplay but also the awesome socializing options.

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Intuitive and interactive communication options in Ludo King which may certainly improve your overall experiences. Send multiple text chat to your friends, opponents, or any other gamers in the lobby chat or private messages. Select awesome emojis to show your emotions, and so on.

And the best feature is the real-time voice chat which you can make uses to talk with friends in Ludo King whenever you want.

An in-depth statistic system

Players in Ludo are also given their own statistics and will have a level system to interact with. And of course, you can also check the statistics of their friends and other players in here. Learn about their victories, their preferred games, and so on.

And as for the level system, with each level gained, you’ll also unlock new gameplay that the game features.

Simple and intuitive gameplay

To start with, Ludo King is extremely simple and intuitive for gamers to quickly get familiar with. That being said, you can easily find yourself enjoying this classic board game in no time. Make uses of the simple and optimized touch controls so you can get comfortable in the game.

Frequent updates with multiple features
Gamers in Ludo King are prompted to have the most immersive and enjoyable experiences with the game thanks to the frequent updates that are rolled out every once in a while. 

Enjoy the game completely offline

And if you want to, you can also enjoy the game completely offline while still having access to most of its features. That being said, you’ll still able to access the local multiplayer and enjoy the game with friends. Or just pick up your favorite board game and play against the intelligent computers. Plus, since it’s a mobile game, you can also enjoy the portability that it offers. Play the game whenever and wherever you want.

Many exciting games to enjoy

And along with Ludo King, the app also introduces gamers to many other classic games that you’ve grown up playing. Enjoy yourself within the classic Snake and Ladders and other awesome games right in your Ludo King app. The simple rules that these games feature will make them suitable for gamers of all ages.

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