Instagram pro v6.20 [modded]

Hey guys,
Now the new instagram pro modded v6.20

What's new in  Insta Pro 2

  • InstaPro2 - clone.
    InstaPro - original package name.
    [Fixed] crash once making an attempt to share a nametag
    [Fixed] crash once clicking on donation links
    Auto press IGTV button, аfter one minute to continue observance the video
    [Fixed] unhealthy URL hash error for direct links the media
    [Added]The ability to share a story, notwithstanding the user has disabled this in their settings
    [Fixed] some notifications problems
    Feature of instapro2

    Privcay – 
  • In each App Privacy is vitalduring this version have some use full privacy options.(Do not mark messages as scan in direct, Hide read Stories, Hide writing standing in DM)..
    Download Stories & Media – transfering is most vital can save stories and transfer pictures and video in feeds by pressing transfer button and conjointly victimisation further possibility.
    Save IGTV Videos – you'll be able to Save IGTV videos to your golem device storage .
    Ad-free – Instagram professional ( InstaPro ) absolutely Ad-free You won’t see any advertisements in between the feed and stories.
    Photos in grievous bodily harm quality – victimisation this feature you'll be able to share full resolution.
    Translate – Supports Google and Yandex translation engine. One will translate comments and posts to English, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.
    In-app browser – you've got selection possibility have to be compelled to open another browser to go to any link.
    Shopping things in search – you'll be able to disable ad things .
    Unfollowing hunter – Who grasp UN agency unfollowed them. So, this selection is smart in this case. Even, you'll be able to see the list of unfollowers with this InstaPro.
    App lock – Don’t would like the other app and tools any longersimply insta professional lock your Instagram with the pin code.
    Follows You – Ability to showing ( FOLLOWS YOU ) Tag. you'll be able to easly see UN agency follow you.
    some shortcuts options
    Enable/Disable Double-tap to love
    Download media on triple faucet.
    Zoom image on long faucet.
    Disable swipe to open camera and DM.
    mini options
    Copy comments.
    Copy users bio.
    Check if the user follows you by about to their profile.
    Comments links is opened directly.
    Listen and add music to the Stories
    Add music stickers to the Stories (may not be out there in your country)
  •  to the Stories (may not be available in your country)

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